Expectant News
We're expecting again! It's such a wonderful blessing. Of course, it's challenging with both of us in school full-time, but imagine this: I scheduled all my classes to start later this semester so I get to sleep in EVERYDAY. We have the greatest nanny, Marina, who comes to our home and enables us to go to campus, doctor's appointments and occasionally a romantic lunch during the week.

The Details
The baby is due June 30, 2008, and the sex will be a delivery surprise. It has been challenging coming up with boy and girl names this time. We have not selected names, but even when we do, it will be a secret. Cravings? At first it was beef (same as with Amari), and then it was lemons, especially lemon tarts from Whole Foods, and now nothing really. Oh, and we're registered at Babies R Us (Registry #: 89493515).