Life in Harlem
On July 16, 2007 we sold our home right before the mortgage crash. Praise the Lord! We moved to Harlem, and currently reside in a two bedroom, two bath apartment (with an elevator and laundry room).

Pleasantly surprised with all the amenities in our neighborhood, we began life in the Big Apple. Amari has a wonderful nanny who loves him dearly, and we love her dearly for her commitment and care for Amari. Amari attends storytelling at the library in Harlem and at Tribal Spears, which is about twelve seconds from our front door. He also goes to Little Maestros, and central park is only seven blocks away. The only downside for Amari has been the lack of exposure to the earth's natural beauty. He sees more concrete, cabs and subway cars than birds and water, so upon our last trip to Trinidad, he was a little weary about the feel of grass and sand between his toes.